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About Your Host

About Your Host

Tam Piyawadi Jantrupon is the owner and instructor of Amita Thai Cooking Class. She uses the home where she was born and grew up to share her love of Thai cooking. The area is surrounded with homes of relatives dating back for more that 3 generations

Following completion of her bachelor’s degree in Law from Thammasat University, she was employed as Legal officer at Tourism Authority of Thailand for several years. As a spouse of a Thai official, she has spent considerable time abroad.  In the 1980’s, Tam lived in Los Angeles, and had the opportunity to cook for the Thai community and diplomats. She was asked to teach Thai cooking to American families and friends, who were amazed at how simple, easy and delicious the dishes were. This was the starting point of her interest to teach and share her knowledge of cooking.  While living abroad, Tam creatively sought substitutes for local spices in order to achieve an authentic Thai taste.

Additional experiences and information about Tam:

  • Graduated from the Fashion Institute and Design and Merchandising and worked for few years with a fashion firm in Los Angeles.
  • Experienced performer of Thai mask dancing or Ramayana Plays and Thai classical dance.
  • A collector of Thai arts, antiques and objects.
  • Spends her free time playing Thai musical instruments such as ranard ….
  • Tam’s philosophy is to share her experience of true Thai home cooking in a relaxing environment.  The school is surrounded by herbs and fruit garden along a canal, in the midst of a true Thai lifestyle and culture.